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6 Ideal Dog Breeds for the Elderly

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6 Perfect Dog Breeds for Seniors in Little Rock Metro, AK

It’s no secret to home care Hot Springs providers that dogs make great companions for elderly loved ones. The animals bring joy, amusement and unconditional love into your loved one’s home. Studies also show that dog ownership carries many positive benefits that include emotional, psychological and physical health. Following are six ideal dog breeds for elderly pet parents.

1. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These loyal and friendly little dogs can weigh up to 34 pounds when mature. Being intelligent and willing to please, Corgis are also easy to train. They love long walks outside or playing in the yard. However, puppies must be acquired from reputable breeders as the animals have a tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia. 

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The small to medium-sized dogs grow to weigh approximately 38 pounds. Alert, intelligent, loyal and friendly, these canine companions are also great with children. The short-haired dogs need a moderate amount of exercise, however, but have no major health concerns. 

3. Rat Terrier

This terrier breed can reach sizes of up to 31 pounds, although smaller dogs are not uncommon. Highly intelligent and eager to please, the dogs are comical, alert and loyal. Though they do have an independent streak, they are easy to train. The Rat also loves moderate exercise with its pet parent. 

4. Glen of Imaal Terrier

The long-haired terrier originated in Ireland. Quiet and friendly, the dogs love hunting and tracking-based activities. Their intelligence makes them easy to train and they only need a moderate amount of exercise. Potential health concerns include eye problems, but they aren’t very common. 

5. Biewer

At a mere seven pounds when mature, the little dogs make great lap companions. Their long coats come in many different colors that need routine brushing. Happy, loyal and protective, the dogs enjoy a normal amount of exercise. Major health concerns include the possibility of developing liver disease. 

6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Hailing from Great Britain, the popular breed is low-maintenance despite its colorful medium-length coat. When fully grown, the dogs can weigh up to 27 pounds. They enjoy a normal amount of exercise and bring a wealth of delight to their owners. Choose reputable breeders to avoid hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc disease. 

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